Meaning of “Brand New” by Tyga, YG & Lil Wayne

Here’s a breakdown of the song’s lyrics:

Intro (Saweetie & Tyga)

The song begins with a playful dialogue between Saweetie and Tyga, emphasizing the desire for new and lavish items. The lyrics suggest a preference for using someone else’s money rather than one’s own.

Chorus (Tyga)

The “brand new” motif is introduced, which signifies both a feeling of freshness and the acquisition of new, high-end possessions.

The line about the “press” hints at the artist’s public life and how news about them is constantly in the media.

Verse 1 (Tyga)

Tyga brags about his success and money, and there’s a reference to not trusting others who claim to have the same level of success.

The lyrics suggest confidence in his wealth, with mentions of diamonds and money. The line about “brand new onions” humorously suggests making someone cry, potentially out of jealousy.

Verse 2 (Lil Wayne)

Lil Wayne continues the theme of luxury and bragging. He references his Audemars Piguet watch (AP), diamonds, and compares his riches to celebrities like Rihanna (RiRi) and Chris Brown (CB).

The lines play with word associations, such as diamonds singing and dancing.

Interlude (Snoop Dogg & Michael Rapaport)

The interlude breaks from the song to add a humorous touch. It seems to appreciate the “performance” thus far, suggesting that the artist doesn’t miss the mark.

Verse 3 (YG)

YG introduces a slightly more aggressive tone, discussing his readiness for potential conflicts and making references to weapons.

The verse also touches on gifting luxury items to women, showing off wealth, and dealing with problematic individuals, referencing the “Karen” meme.

Outro (Lil Wayne)

The song concludes by re-emphasizing the theme of new wealth, with Lil Wayne reiterating the “brand new” motif.

Long and Short of “Brand New”

“Brand New” centers around themes of luxury, flaunting wealth, and the appeal of “brand new” or fresh items and experiences. The repeated references to “brand new” can signify both the tangible (like new possessions) and the intangible (like new experiences or feelings).

Tyga, YG and Lil Wayne combine their individual styles to create a track that celebrates their success and the trappings of luxury that come with it.

When was “Brand New” released?

This was formally dropped on the 27th of September, 2023.

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