“There You Are” by Zayn

“There You Are” is the title of singer Zayn’s single from his album Icarus Falls. The lyrics of “There You Are” stem from the unconditional love the singer (Zayn) received and is still receiving from a very special person in his life. Throughout the song (which is very emotional) he sings about how that special person has stood by him, through thick and thin.

At some point he talks about how friends he relies on abandon him and runaway whenever things get tough. However, this special person always remains glued to him, regardless of the situation he finds himself in.

From the lyrics, it is likely that this special person Zayn is addressing is a significant other. Owing to this, it is highly possible Zayn could be referring to none other than American model Gigi Hadid, his longtime girlfriend. Zayn and Gigi Hadid began dating in 2015. And as of the release date of this song in 2018, the relationship is still strong.

Lyrics of "There You Are"
These lyrics make up the song’s post chorus.
This is the official lyric video of this very emotional song. 

Facts about “There You Are”

  • Zayn teamed up with four other songwriters to create this song. These songwriters are Michael Hannides, Levi Lennox, Anthony Hannides and Joe Garrett.
  • Lennox (a co-writer of “There You Are”) co-produced it with music producer MakeYouKnowLove (MYKL).
  • “There You Are” is the eleventh track from Zayn’s second studio solo record Icarus Falls. It was released on December 11, 2018 as the album’s third promotional single, following “Good Years” and “Rainberry”.
  • Zayn unveiled this song on Beats 1 Radio.

How many singles did the album Icarus Falls produce?

It produced 6 singles and three promotional singles. The singles are as follows:

  1. “Let Me”
  2. “Entertainer”
  3. “Sour Diesel”
  4. “Too Much”
  5. Fingers
  6. No Candle No Light” (featuring Nicki Minaj)

The promotional singles, on the other hand, are as follows:

  1. “Rainberry”
  2. “Good Years”
  3. “There You Are”

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