“Vibez” by Zayn

The prevailing theory at the time of the release of this track is that the addressee would be Zayn Malik’s sweetheart, Gigi Hadid. However, such is never specified in the lyrics.  Rather “Vibez” is more akin to a general love song, or in this case we can perhaps say sex song.  And no, the lyrics aren’t “NSFW” as some analysts have put forth. Indeed if it is in fact about sex as logically implied, the wording of the track is rather tame compared to some of its contemporaries. Instead what is actually going down is that the titular “vibes” serve as a metaphor for let’s say the pheromones being emitted between the singer and the addressee. 

And yes, it is pretty clear that he intends to capitalize on such by doing the do. And he wants to make sure that when such does transpire he does so to her liking.

All in all, in this song, Zayn is looking forward to getting it on with his significant other.

Quick Facts about “Vibez”

RCA Records officially released this tune on 8 January 2021, which Zayn teased the day prior via Twitter. And it is from the singer’s forthcoming third-solo album, which is entitled Nobody Is Listening.

Zayn co-wrote this song, as did Nija and the track’s producers, Scribz Riley and Rogét Chahayed.

In terms of Gigi Hadid’s actual recorded connection to Vibez, she did promote it on behalf of Zayn Malik when the track dropped.

A Quick Look at Zayn Malik’s Relationship with Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik is considered to have started dating Gigi Hadid back in 2015. Their relationship can be said to have reached a special, milestone in mid-2017. This was when the two of them appeared together in the highly-popular Vogue fashion magazine, although they did share a few well-publicized appearances prior to that. However, things have not always peachy between the pair, and they also had their fair share of breakups throughout the years. But one event which definitely bonded the singer and model for life is when Gigi gave birth to Zayn’s daughter in September of 2020.

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