“Allah Duhai Hai” by Zayn

“Allah Duhai Hai” is a cover by British singer and songwriter Zayn of One Direction fame. “Allah Duhai Hai” was originally sung by Indian singers Amit Mishra, Sreerama Chandra, and Jonita Gandhi. Indian rapper Raja Kumari also contributes an English rap verse to the song.

The song is from the 2018 Bollywood action thriller film titled Race 3. The film stars the likes of Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan.

What’s the meaning of “Allah Duhai Hai”?

It is a Hindi/Urdu phrase. In English, it roughly translates to “Allah is God”. FYI: Hindi and Urdu are basically the same language. The major difference between the two is just their writing systems and associations. The Hindi of India use Hindi. On the other hand, Urdu is associated with the Pakistanis and Muslims

It’s important to mention that this isn’t Zayn’s first time of covering a Bollywood or Indian song. He has done so multiple times in the past. For example earlier in 2018, he covered the song “Teri Deewani” by Kailash Kher.


Differences between Zayn’s rendition and the original

There are a number of differences between the two version. Chief among them include the following:

  • Zayn’s version doesn’t include any rap verse.
  • It is shorter than the original.
  • Unlike the original, Zayn’s leans more towards electronic dance music.

Below is the original version of “Allah Duhai Hai” from the movie Race 3:


Facts about “Allah Duhai Hai”

  • The song’s lyrics were penned by Shloke Lal and Shabbir Ahmed.  The rap lyrics were written by Raja Kumari. The music was composed (recreated) by Tushar Joshi.
  • In addition to appearing in Race 3, the song also appeared in Race 2.
  • Zayn’s cover of this song was released on November 20, 2018. The cover greatly boosted the popularity of the original version of the song as well as the films it appeared in.



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