Meaning of “Good Years” by ZAYN

“Good Years” is the title of a single by British singer ZAYN. The lyrics of “Good Years” see the singer (ZAYN) lamenting bitterly about the pains associated with being famous. He talks about the troubles of fame being so enormous that he wishes he never stepped foot into the spotlight. Simply put, all the fame and wealth it has brought him, isn’t worth the pain that also came along with it.

He fears he wasted the best years of his life being in the eyes of the public. Hence the song’s title “Good Years”. He expresses this fear throughout the song and even ends the song with it.

"Good Years" lyrics


Reaction to the song

Few hours after the song was released, ZAYN’s former bandmate from One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, seemingly responded to the song. Via Twitter, Tomlinson apparently called ZAYN a hypocrite for claiming being famous brought him suffering.

Louis Tomlinson

Is this song about One Direction?

According to many a One Direction fan, this song centers on nothing but One Direction’s disbandment. Many Directioners (fans of One Direction) have even called the song a diss track against One Direction.

What do we think? Is this song really about Zayn’s “unhappy” years as a member of One Direction? Somehow we think some of the lyrics might just have something to do with that. Some analysts believe what Zayn is basically trying to say in the lyrics is that he wasted the good years of his life being with One Direction. The angry tweet from Tomlinson supports the claims the song is about One Direction.

Quick Facts about “Good Years”

  • ZAYN and at least four other writers are credited with writing this song. The other writers include Michael Hannides, Herbie Crichlow, Anthony Hannides and Khaled Rohaim.
  • Rohaim (the track’s co-writer) co-produced the song with MakeYouKnowLove.
  • The release date of “Good Years” was 6th December, 2018.

On which album of Zayn’s does this song appear?

This track appears on Zayn’s 2018 album Icarus Falls. Icarus Falls is his second solo studio album. On this album the following tracks appear: “Fingers” and “No Candle No Light”.

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4 Responses

  1. honesty-girl101 says:

    i honestly thought he was apoligiseing for all the pain he caused as a star and he was saying sorry for all the pain he caused 1D fans for leaving and he is wishing he could take it back. i am probably wrong but that is what i got out of the song sure he might have hated being in 1D but unless he left the band we might not have the solo songs from the other members of 1D or the songs they did without him.

  2. stacy b says:

    When I heard the song it sounded to me like he is basically regretting his 1D days. “Close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears” is a reference to the thousands of fans 1D would play to at their concerts- tears streaming down their faces. Zayn made comments after leaving 1D that he never wanted to be in the band. That he didn’t like most of the songs he did with 1D. I think this song is his way of saying he feels like he make have wasted his youth being in 1D and regrets that time. Louie then responds on twitter with “what a hypocrite” – which I agree with- because if it weren’t for 1D there would be no Zayn and no career now . . . and if he didn’t want the fame, then he should have said “no” to 1D when he was asked to form the group by Simon Cowell and the other judges. I mean, he can’t have it both ways. Sounds to me like Zayn has a lot of growing up and maturing to do yet. He should never have gotten out of 1D and said that he didn’t like the songs and never wanted to be in the band – because that was basically a slap in the face to all the 1D fans that followed him and the band for the 5 years they were together. But, honestly, Zayn never looked happy being in 1D. He ALWAYS looked like he’d rather be “anyplace but here” every time I saw him perform with 1D. So, this song doesn’t surprise me at all. And, I agree with Louis – stop being a hypocrite Zayn. If you hate the fame so much, then get out of the limelight. When it comes down to it, it’s your choice, after all.

  3. Red says:

    No, if you lookwant closely to the lyrics, it’s about human and earth

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    […] was released on December 11, 2018 as the album’s third promotional single, following “Good Years” and […]

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