“Stand Still” by Zayn

The song “Stand Still” speaks about an unstoppable love for a particular person. Zayn uses natural elements such as time, flowers, rain and rocks to depict how this love can stand any kind of test without being compromised.

The writer tells his loved one that although there are many other people in the world, he only has eyes for her, proving how special and beautiful she is to him. He expresses that he will go to any extent just to be with her, even if it means moving longstanding elements such as the seas or rocks out of the way. Throughout the song, the writer emphasizes on the fact that even if time stops moving, he will still yearn for his lover.

Lyrics of "Stand Still"

Facts about “Stand Still”

  • Zayn wrote “Stand Still” in conjunction with Bach Nguyen-Tran and Malay. It’s noteworthy to mention that Malay also produced the song.
  •  December 14, 2018 was the day Zayn officially released this song.
  • There are approximately 27 songs on Zayn’s second studio album Icarus Falls. “Stand Still” is the sixth song on this album.

Was “Stand Still” released as a single?

No. The only singles to have come out of Icarus Falls are the following:

  1. “Let Me”
  2. “Entertainer”
  3. “Too Much”
  4. Sour Diesel
  5. Fingers
  6. No Candle No Light

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