“Back to Life” by Zayn

“Back to Life” is the title of the third track from the second studio album of English singer Zayn. On this song, Zayn shows his thankfulness, appreciation and love for a very special woman in his life. But what has this woman done for Zayn to deserve all this love, admiration and thanks from him? Her love and presence give him everything he needs to survive in this cold world. That’s the long and short of the story.

She’s been a pillar of support to him and has never abandoned him since he met her. In the song’s pre-chorus, Zayn tells the world that she’s the only one in the world who watches over him. As if that isn’t heart-melting enough, he expands how important she’s to him by saying she gives him”oxygen” whenever he finds it difficult to breathe. All he’s trying to say is that this special woman is his life and everything. And what’s more,she’s never left his side.

It is believed that the special woman Zayn is talking about in this song is his longtime girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. As of the time of the writing and release of this song, Zayn and Hadid had been dating for several years. She has inspired a number of his solo works.

It’s likely this woman is the same woman Zayn addresses in the song “There You Are

Lyrics of "Back to Life"

Quick Facts about “Back to Life”

  • Zayn in conjunction with three songwriters composed this song. Here’s the complete list of songwriters: Zayn, Alex Oriet, David Phelan and Max McElligott.
  • Saltwives produced “Back to Life”. This isn’t Zayn’s first collaboration with Saltwives. For example, Zayn worked with them on his earlier song “Fingers”.
  • This track samples the 1994 pop song “You Gotta Be” by British singer Des’ree.
  • The release date of “Back to Life” was December 14, 2018.
  • This song is composed of an intro, 2 choruses, 2 verses, 3 pre-choruses and a bridge.

Was this song released as one of the singles from Icarus Falls?

No. The official singles from that album are as follows:

  • “Let Me”
  • “Entertainer”
  • “Sour Diesel”
  • “Too Much”
  • Fingers
  • No Candle No Light” (featuring the American-based rapper Nicki Minaj)

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