“Forgive Myself” by Sam Smith

As the title of this track depicts, the singer realizes that he may have inflicted more pain than is necessary on himself, hence his attempt to first forgive himself before opening up to love again.

Based on the first verse, we see the singer reflecting on a past relationship and how he could have done more for his ex. He goes on to talk about how thoughts of his ex and their memories keep flooding his mind, preventing him from letting go and moving forward. In the chorus and throughout the rest of the track, the singer illustrates how heartbroken he feels and his hope that this person will return to him. At the same time, the writer understands that he may have to eventually move on to find someone else, but before then he has to heal from his current pain by forgiving himself first.

Forgive Myself was written by Sam and the following:

  • Jimmy Napes
  • Mikkel S.Eriksen
  • Tor E. Hermansen

When did Sam Smith release “Forgive Myself”?

On the 30th of October, 2020, Sam Smith released his third studio project entitled Love Goes. “Forgive Myself” is one of the tracks on this project.

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