“For the Lover That I Lost” by Sam Smith

On “For the Lover That I Lost”, Sam Smith reminisces on a broken relationship and how he misses his former lover. Though the song begins with the writer addressing all the good moments he misses, he contradicts himself by claiming that their affair was tragic.

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Sam further mentions their high and low moments, and the fights while laying down roses to signify the end to their relationship. Considering the lines in the chorus, we can assume that the singer may have ended the relationship himself since he decides to stand by his choices and bear the costs of his loss. In as much as he can’t seem to forget this person, the singer shows that he has been trying his best to finally let go.

On which Sam Smith album can “For the Lover that I Lost” be found?

Listeners can find that song on the album Sam released in October of 2020 titled Love Goes. It is the album’s seventh track.

Sam and his management released the following songs as the album’s official singles:

3 Responses

  1. Huge fan of Sam Smith says:

    Everybody slips up, but you know they’re bad people when they don’t try to fix it. This is proof that just because your gay doesn’t mean your a bad person. He tried and is still trying to fix it.

  2. john says:

    this song reminds me when i was going out with a woman who was married but separated from her husband,
    we were together for a year,but she wound up going back to him,

  3. Lady bee says:

    This guy’s voice is amazing and his lyrics are touching

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