“Freaking Out the Neighborhood” by Mac DeMarco

“Freaking Out the Neighborhood” is specifically addressed to the vocalist’s mother, with Mac DeMarco noting in the process that he is the “first son” of his mom. And what he’s doing is sorta apologizing along the lines of being a dumba-s. 

That is to say that at the time DeMarco, as with many a young man in their early twenties, had a tendency to do things that, let’s say if his elders found out, would cause them significant alarm. This particular outing was in fact directly inspired by such an incident.

Or as the story goes, while performing karaoke in Montreal, a prominent city found in Mac’s homeland of Canada, the singer wound up, in his own words, “getting really, really drunk”. Then somewhere along the line, certain musical tools were strangely inserted into his behind. Or as another of his explanations reportedly put it, “some drum sticks found their way into (his) bare rectum”. And the way Mac makes it sound is as if it was all in good fun.

But unfortunately for his family, one of his homeys was present, recorded the event and proceeded to upload the video onto YouTube.  And when auntie, mom dukes and the gang got a gander of it, as to be expected they were less than amused.

Thesis Sentiment

So the thesis sentiment behind this piece actually isn’t an apology but rather DeMarco empathizing with his mom for him “freaking out the neighborhood”, as apparently the neighbors and everyone else got to see that video also. 

But he’s also assuring his mother that she should not overreact to the whole ordeal. Indeed the next time they meet (i.e. when he returns home), she will be able to see with her own eyes that her son is “the same” boy she knows and loves. Even if he does possess the tendency to wild out when she is not around, he is still the same “good” boy she knew.

"Freaking Out the Neighborhood" Lyrics

Release Date of “Freaking Out the Neighborhood”

This track is from “2”, which is the name of Mac DeMarco’s second LP. This is a project that the Canadian musician put out through an American indie label called Captured Tracks. DeMarco is basically an underground artist himself. His entire discography to date has either been through Captured Tracks or self-released efforts, including via his own company called Mac’s Record Label. 

More specifically, “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” was officially released on 18 September 2012. DeMarco was just 22 years old at the time.


Mac DeMarco, as appears to be his modus operandi, wrote and produced this track himself.

Freaking Out the Neighborhood

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