“Funeral” by Lil Wayne

As its title (“Funeral”) suggests, this song is based on Lil Wayne making a plethora of death threats against the intended addressee, i.e. one of his most-hated adversaries. Or stated differently, it features Weezy using the type of creative metaphors he is famous for. But they all lead back to the idea of him shooing somebody dead. In the process of doing so, he insinuates that this person whom he is speaking to actually starting the beef but apparently has bitten up more than he can chew. 

He also gives a shoutout to the Pirus, a division of the infamous Bloods street gang, with Tunechi himself being known to represent that organization in the past. So at the end of the day, we can’t say that Wayne is actually going to go out and shoot somebody. After all, lyrical gunplay such as this is more or less an established subgenre in the world of rap music. But at the same time he words are indeed death threats. So if nothing else a listener can walk away understanding that if someone rubs Wayne the wrong way it could lead to bloody warfare, i.e. that person’s “funeral”.

Facts about “Funeral”

The producers of this track are Kamo and Rio.

Rio also co-wrote “Funeral” along with Lil Wayne, Jonathan Buice and Darius Ginn Jr.

This track came out on 31 January 2020, via Young Money Entertainment, as part of Lil Wayne’s album also entitled “Funeral”.

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