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Figures – The Symphony of Betrayal and Longing

In a powerful crescendo of raw emotion and soul-baring vocals, Jessie Reyez’s ‘Figures’ strikes a chord within the labyrinth of love’s disillusionment. The song, a testament to hurt and yearning, unfolds as Reyez confesses her poignant encounters with a love that took more than it gave.

Mutual Friend

“Mutual Friend” by Jessie Reyez

The “mutual friend” mentioned in the title is someone who is a close associate of both Jessie Reyez and addressee. The way the situation logically is as if the latter two had a falling out...


“Coffin” by Jessie Reyez (ft. Eminem)

“Coffin” is the title of a song performed by singer Jessie Reyez and rap superstar Eminem. The lyrics in essence center on two people (Jessie and Eminem) who happen to be dangerously or rather...

Love in the Dark

“Love in the Dark” by Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez has stated that she came up with “Love in the Dark” during “a really sad time” in her life and has described it as being “vulnerable”. And honestly, to some degree it reads as if...

Imported Remix

“Imported” by Jessie Reyez & 6LACK

“Imported” is based on the romantic tension between Canadian singer Jessie Reyez and Atlanta-based rapper 6lack. The main reason they are having a hard time hooking up is that Reyez in particular is in love with someone...