Meaning of “STOOPID” by 6ix9ine (featuring Bobby Shmurda)

“STOOPID” is the title of a hip hop track by American rapper 6ix9ine (also known as Tekashi69). The track surprisingly also features fellow American rapper Bobby Shmurda, who recorded his part from jail. The lyrics of “STOOPID” see 6ix9ine severely attacking every single “stoopid” detractor/hater praying for his downfall.

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He even goes as far as actually mentioning the name of one of his haters – radio host and media executive Ebro Darden. He blasts Ebro by calling him a “bi**h” and an old “ni**a” on a young “ni**a d***”. That diss is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the track.

It is important to mention that the feud between Ebro and 6ix9ine began few weeks prior. Once, on the social media platform Instagram, Ebro mocked 6ix9ine by referring to him as a “clown hair” who brags about numbers. Before the release of this track, the pair verbally attacked each other several times. And it’s obvious this track would only contribute in worsening the feud.

What is “Stoopid”? Is it an English word?

In the song, “stoopid” refers to the English adjective “stupid”. 6ix9ine deliberately spelled it that way since that’s how he pronounces it.


Facts about “Stoopid”

  • 6ix9ine penned this track with Bobby Shmurda and three others, including Tay Keith. The others are DJ Juice and Lil Juice.
  • Aside co-writing “STOOPID”, Keith also produced it alongside DJ Lethal. The official release date of this track was October 5, 2018.
  • The release of this track gave Shmurda his first 2018 release. Shmurda was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2016 for a number of crimes, including conspiracy to murder.
  • This song is considered a remix of the 2018 song “Jumpin Out The Jet” by rapper Ocho Sneak. Music producer Tay Keith co-wrote and produced that track.
  • “STOOPID” uses the beat of “Jumpin Out The Jet”.

Is this 6ix9ine’s first collaboration with Bobby Shmurda?

Yes, it is.

How did Tekashi69 and Bobby Shmurda record this song with Shmurda in jail?

Simple. His vocals were recorded over the phone.

Does “STOOPID” have an official music video?

Yes, it does. The video was shot in Dubai and features 6ix9ine riding in an ATV around the city’s beautiful desert. Shmurda doesn’t appear in the clip. You can watch the music video below. It was shot entirely in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Which album is “STOOPID” on?

The song will appear on 6ix9ine’s upcoming 2018 album. On August 24, 2018, he said via Instagram that the album would be released in September. However, he didn’t reveal the album’s title. His hit song “Fefe” also appears on that album.


Has Ebro responded to the track yet?

Yes, he has. He did so with a diss freestyle on his show Ebro in the Morning. Below is the video of Ebro’s response:

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