“Hate to be Lame” by Lizzy McAlpine (ft. FINNEAS)

“Hate to be Lame” is based on the concept of it generally being considered “lame” to ‘fall in love’. In other words, as presented, amongst the vocalists’ generation being smitten isn’t really chic. Or more specifically, Lizzie McAlpine in particular comes off as if she initially believed that she could never become Cupid’s victim. So at the end of the day, now she has no choice but to admit that she has in fact been stricken by one of the most common human emotions out there, which is romantic love.

Meanwhile Finneas, in his individual verse, takes a bit of a different approach, implying that he and Lizzy have been together for some time, and he made some serious “mistakes” with her in the past. But also being smitten, he now appears committed to rectifying the situation. And perhaps the point being made in that regard is that his own past screw ups were likewise due to sleeping on the power of love.

Lizzy McAlpine' "Hate to be Lame" Lyrics

Facts about “Hate to be Lame”

Lizzy McAlpine is a singer from Philly who has been industry-involved since her teenage years. She is 22 years old as of the release of “Hate to Be Lame” on 5 Aril 2022.

This is McAlpine’s first collaboration with Finneas who, being the brother and regular collaborator of Billie Eilish, is a more established name in the game. And by the looks of things, McAlpine personally enlisted him to work on this track.

This single is from “Five Seconds Flat” which, upon slated release in early April, will be McAlpine’s third studio album, as made public by AWAL and Harbour Artists & Music.

Lizzy and Finneas authored this song. And its producers are Ehren Ebbage and Philip Etherington.

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