“Break My Heart Again” by FINNEAS

This track is based on the intimate, personal experiences of FINNEAS . Or put in his own words, “the lyrics in the verses are basically verbatim text conversations I had with an ex-girlfriend”. And in that regard, the listener can definitely gather that romance was not an easy one for the singer.

The first two verses basically consist of his girlfriend snubbing him. Initially he cannot admit this to himself. But ultimately he starts to realize that perhaps her “mind has changed”. By the third verse, the lyrics seem to reveal that homegirl is now getting irritated by his presence. Yet she plays it off otherwise.

Thus in the chorus we find that FINNEAS is preparing himself for the inevitable, which is getting his heart broken. However, as the title of the song implies, this is not the first time she is doing this to him. As such, he questions the wisdom of letting her back into his life. He also inquires of his overall sanity, as well as hers. Then he concludes that, from her perspective, “it must be nice” to have someone who is so foolishly in love with you.

Meanwhile the bridge of the song has FINNEAS more or less accepting it as fate that this girl will not commit to him. He also references linking up with his ex a “half… decade later” yet basically finding her in the same state he left her, which may allude to the amount of time that elapsed between the episodes when he got his heart broken.

Lyrics of FINNEAS' "Break My Heart Again"

Ultimately the two characters of this song, though involved with each other, are experiencing this romance differently. For FINNEAS, it is basically hell as he is getting his heart broken – for the second time. However, as for his ex, he believes she is reveling in the fact that she has such a submissive lover.

Quick Facts about “Break My Heart Again”

  • “Break My Heart Again” was officially released on 9 February 2018.
  • The song premiered on Apple’s Beats 1 radio station on 20 February 2018.
  • “Break My Heart Again” was written exclusively by FINNEAS. He is also the sole producer behind the song.

On which album does “Break My Heart Again” appear?

This track came out as the third single from FINNEAS’ debut album.

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