“Die Alone” by Finneas

According to Finneas, the first and second verses of “Die Alone” are based on two different subjects. The first, which actually sets the tone for the narrative throughout, is founded on the singer’s desire to be with his girlfriend during 2018’s California wildfires. And the sentiment of the second verse is derived from what Finneas felt internally as he transitioned into adulthood, i.e. moved out of his parents’ house.

This is all set against the backdrop of the singer proclaiming his devotion to ‘stay by the side’ of the addressee, even under the most-harrowing circumstances. Or as the song somewhat-perplexing puts it, he “would rather die alone, together”. This would likely point to the idea of him being loyal to the addressees even unto death. Thus when this premise is applied to the first verse, it is once again expressive of him wanting to be with the woman he loves, despite her at the time being situated in a locale that was dealing with a natural disaster. And in the case of his parents, it would logically point to him expressing his undying devotion to them despite him venturing off in pursuit of his own destiny.

Lyrics of "Die Alone"

Release Date of “Die Alone”

“Die Alone” was released as part of Finneas’s maiden EP, “Blood Harmony”, on 4 October 2019.

The record label behind its release is OYOY.

Other notable tracks from “Blood Harmony” include the following:

Did Finneas write this song?

Yes. In addition to writing it, he also produced it. Actually he is the only one credited with both the song’s writing and production.

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