FINNEAS’ “I Lost a Friend” Lyrics Meaning

The plot of Finneas’ “I Lost a Friend” is based on just as the title implies – the singer losing a dear friend. Contrary to what some think, Finneas hasn’t lost this friend to death. The person is still alive. However, their bond of friendship has been severed.  And while the track can be loosely interpreted as being centered on a romance, Finneas himself has pointed out that it is not.

This song does not detail what caused the tiff between the two of them. In fact it insinuates that it may not have been anything in particular, as Finneas states that “life” is not “black and white”. What it does focus on is his reaction to losing this friend. And in that regard, while he is suffering at the moment, he is confident that he “will be alright”. 

Indeed at one point he even implies that this person may not have truly been a friend in the first place.  But regardless of that particular sentiment or Finneas’ overall reluctance towards apologizing to try to mend the relationship, it is clear that he wishes he still had this person in his life. No longer having this friend around (who he obviously could depend on in the past) is really causing him a good deal of discomfort.

"I Lost a Friend" lyrics

 What Finneas said about “I Lost a Friend”

According to Finneas, the song’s lyrics are autobiographical. And why? Because they were inspired by a “childhood best friend” of his whom he actually lost.

Writing, Production and Release Date  

“I Lost a Friend” was written and produced by Finneas. It was formally released as a standalone single on 3 May 2019. This was the second single he released in 2019. About a month after this song came out, he dropped another very personal single titled “Angel“.

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