“What They’ll Say About Us” by Finneas

“What They’ll Say About Us” is premised on the year we have come to know as 2020. That is to say that it is partially inspired by social protests, and it is partially inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. And of course Finneas, being the artist that he is, takes a poetic yet frank approach to this subject matter. Basically what the featured narrative boils down to is him encouraging the addressee not to give up despite the challenges faced in life. 

And no, he is not sugarcoating this world we live in. But he does reinforce the idea that we are in fact able to effect positive change, if we are dedicated to such. And this is what he believes people will ultimately ‘say about them’, i.e. he and the addressee, that they did in fact ‘make the world better than it ever was’.

“What They’ll Say About Us” Facts

“What They’ll Say About Us” was written and produced exclusively by Finneas. And as far as the coronavirus is concerned, what really inspired him was the passing of an actor by the name of Nick Cordero, who died from COVID-19 complications at the age of 41 on the date of 5 July 2020. In fact when his widow, Amanda Cloots, found out that this song was written in memory of her husband she went on to publicly thank Finneas on social media.

Finneas released this track under his own brand, OYOY, on 2 September 2020.

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    I tried not to cry while listening to this

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