“Tough Love” by Avicii (Ft. Vargas, Lagola & Agnes Carlsson)

In this track, the artists acknowledge that they are participants in a “Tough Love”. That is to say their romance isn’t all a bed of roses, as they ‘scream and fight’ and sometimes fail to live up to each other’s expectations. Yet despite this, there is “no place (they) would rather be” than in each other’s “arms”. Indeed they perceive this challenging passion as a blessing and  what they “deserve”, as in they have “lesson(s) to learn” which they are realizing via this romance. And while the love exhibited between them may be burdensome at times, overall it is a “sweet” experience which both of them relish.

Facts about “Tough Love”

Officially released on 9 May 2019, this is the second of Avicii’s songs to come out following his suicide on 20 April 2018. The first that came out was “SOS“.

This track has an “Arabic/Indian style of production”, with Avicii himself having derived this inspiration from his study of Indian music.

Avicii desired to have a “real couple” work on this track, and such was achieved as Vargas is reportedly married to Agnes Carlsson, whom Vargas & Lagola have worked with in the past. Some of their collabos include: “More Than You Know” (2017) and Petter’s “Alla Vet” (2013).

Vargas & Lagola have also been regular collaborators of Avicii. They teamed up with him on a number of songs, most-notably on “Silhouettes” (2012) and “Hey Brother” (2013).

The release of “Tough Love” is a joint effort between Universal Records and Geffen Records.

This track was written and produced by Avicii.

On which Avicii album does “Tough Love” appear?

This track was released as the second single from Avicii’s first posthumous body of work titled Tim.

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