“Be Kind” by Marshmello & Halsey

The way the story of “Be Kind” plays out is that Halsey is addressing a romantic interest.  And said individual has been in a tumultuous relationship(s) in the past. As such he has issues in terms of opening up to her. Moreover he is depicted as the type who is emotionally-defensive, ready to snap every time he feels that he is offended. So basically, what the singer is trying to tell him is that now he is in a romance with someone who truly cares for him. And as such he does not have to adopt the kind of mentality in which he is afraid to be vulnerable. Instead she presents herself as indeed being “the one”, as in his romantic needs personified. And accordingly, she is entreating him to fully open his heart to her.

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So conclusively, it can be deemed that the person she is singing to, her romantic partner, is a sensitive individual. But with that being established, she wants him to know that she cares for him to the point whereas she will not exploit that vulnerability. And as for the titular statement, although it is never mentioned in the song, the way it would logically relate to the narrative is that she is imparting these words onto him. In other words, instead of getting violently emotional when he feels offended, she is telling him, all aforementioned sentiments considered, to rather “be kind”.

Lyrics of "Be Kind"

Facts about “Be Kind”

Marshmello produced this particular track in conjunction with Gian Stone.

The two of them are also its co-writers, as are the below artists/songwriters:

  • Freddy Wexler
  • Amy Allen
  • Halsey

This track came out, as a standalone single, on 1 May 2020. And the labels that put it out are the Universal Music Group, Joytime Collective and Astralwerks.

“Be Kind” marks the first time that Marshmello and Halsey have collaborated.

Marshmello has stated that he liked “Be Kind” from the moment of hearing it and that he and Halsey “connected” on the track.

Halsey has stated that the track possesses the kinds of “vibes” the audience “could use” right now and has also described it as a “heartfelt dance summery 80s” song. And the implication is that, in terms of the idealized affect it would have on the audience, she is making that assertion in relation to the depressing reality of the ongoing pandemic.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    be kind we should be kind every day

    • Ignacio (from Chile) says:

      Halsey’s voice is so heavenly, so sweet, so warm and charming, that there’s no way that this can’t be an outstanding and lovely romantic pop song. More women that fight for their relationships like how she prompts to in this song are needed. :’c

      PS: Thanks for the info provided/analysed, guys!

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