“Come & Go” by Juice WRLD & Marshmello

It’s safe to assume that Juice WRLD is addressing a romantic interest on “Come & Go”.  More to the point, she is someone whom he has a great deal of respect and admiration for.  In fact at times he even feels that he is not good enough for her. But for the most part he is appreciative – so much so that he fears he will do something stupid and mess up their relationship. And that is the idea which the title of the track refers to, i.e. the singer recognizing that this romance is indeed one which is truly special, i.e. the type that does not occur frequently.

Interscope Records released “Come & Go” on the date of 9 July 2020. It was actually the fourth single from Juice’s first posthumous album. His management named said album, “Legends Never Die”. Other singles from “Legends Never Die” include:

Marshmello and Juice WRLD actually have an extensive collaboration history. In fact it is theorized that Marshmello may have teased this song as far back as August 2018. And the producer has noted that he was actually quite close to Juice when he was alive. However, many of the songs they worked on together remained unreleased as of the dropping of “Come & Go”.

“Come & Go” was produced by Marshmello, who also co-wrote the song with Juice.

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  1. Ariana Grande FN concert says:

    The chorus has an undertone under rift melody when the punchy steady beat comes in that is from another song. I can’t remember!! But I am sure this is not original – I hope someone can remember where it came from?

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