“Hesitations” by Shiloh Dynasty

From a lyrical perspective, Shiloh Dynasty’s style is sorta reminiscent to that of, say, a vintage Billie Eilish. You’d see a pic of the artist and think to yourself that she’s but a child, but the way she poetically refers to romance and heartbreak would suggest otherwise. 


In the case of “Hesitations” that’s exactly what we’re met with, i.e. a vocalist who clearly has issues with her lover. These problems may be considered somewhat standard in the realm of modern-day youth romance. But the way Shiloh relays them is such that she can indeed be deemed an artist, as in someone who adds her own flare to the norm.

So underneath all of the fancy lingo, the vocalist’s problem, most easily explained, is that she has fallen in love with a toxic partner. That’s a point which is driven home during the climax of the third verse. And the verses which precede illustrate that the addressee doesn’t fully appreciate Shiloh. Accordingly, he/she is the wishy-washy, transient type of lover. 

But as stated, she is smitten nonetheless and apparently has come to the conclusion that, despite his actions, this person not only feels the same but also needs her.

So as far as the chorus is concerned, it revolves around the vocalist entreating the addressee to ‘listen to the beating of his heart’s song’. What that statement seemingly means is that instead of getting caught up in all of the BS, they should instead focus more on the love they have for her.  

And as for the title, which is found in the third verse, it isn’t abundantly clear what Dynasty is getting at in context. But as for the passage itself, it primarily deals with the vocalist being not only depressed but also feeling lonely given her current, less-than-ideal situation with the addressee.


So perhaps we can conclude by saying that this is one of those songs where more is left unspoken than stated or inferred forthrightly. But what it all boils down to is the singer suffering from a broken heart due to the mannerisms of her significant other.

Lyrics to Shiloh Dynasty's "Hesitations"

Shiloh Dynasty

Shiloh Dynasty is a singer/songwriter who made a name for herself as many young musicians do these days, which is via social media. Then she experienced an additional bump in notoriety when her music started being regularly sampled by more popular artists. One of the most notable artist who frequently sampled her songs was the late Xxxtentacion (1998-2018). X began sampling her songs in 2017. 

The interesting thing though is by that time, Shiloh had already disappeared from the public eye and, to note, has not re-emerged since. Internet sleuths have pieced together that she is still alive and kicking out there somewhere. Despite still being alive, she has completely forsaken her promising music career. 

As such, Dynasty currently stands as a mysterious figure. She accordingly enjoys something like a cult-like following.

So for example it is only now circa late 2022, well over five years after she went dark, that Shiloh Dynasty’s first album, “Tastes Like Velvet”, has come out. By the looks of things she is not personally involved in its issuance, and may be that this LP is never formally released. In other words, it is a collection of Shiloh’s older works as compiled by her fandom.

Credits for “Hesitations”

This track was both written and produced by Shiloh Dynasty. The prevailing speculation is that it was recorded during the mid-2010s.


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