“So Low” by Shiloh Dynasty

“So Low” is sort of a religious song, albeit Shiloh Dynasty style. The vocalist is, in part, addressing the Most High.  And what Shiloh is acknowledging in that regard is that she’s very much less than perfect.

It is that sort of disposition that brings us to the thesis sentiment. Dynasty understands that she’s flawed. And even though she may be confident in her sins, in a manner of speaking, it isn’t such that the singer doesn’t want to improve. Rather as put forth, she has been “so low for so long”, i.e. dealing with a serious depression over such an extended period of time, that by this point the narrator is demoralized. 

Moreover, as implied in both the second and third verses, she’s also, most simply put, lonely. And that reality likewise contributes to her overall feeling of melancholy.

Shiloh Dynasty, as a songwriter, is extremely skilled for someone who, by the looks of things, never had any type of formal industry tutelage. That is to say that she writes in a manner in which lyrically her pieces aren’t overly-wordy, yet at the same time the narratives are quite meaty. 

So please forgive this analysis if maybe we overlooked some particular aspect of the lyrics, because truthfully there’s a lot going on here. For instance, the vocalist also appears apologetic towards earthly addressee, i.e. an associate whom she may have offended via her solitary ways. 

But as indicated by the title as utilized in the chorus, the main point being made is that Shiloh is stricken with some kind of funk, such that she doesn’t know when or if it will be lifted.

Lyrics of "So Low"

When did Shiloh Dynasty release “So Low”?

This track actually has an official release date of 6 June 2016. This would have been at a time when the songstress was still publicly active. However, shortly after this dropping, she fell off the grid and hasn’t popped back up since. 

In fact Shiloh’s disappearance has been so effective that some people began presuming she took her own life. But these days it is accepted that she’s still alive, and later in December of 2022 the ex-songstress is slated to turn 26 years old.

Shiloh may be gone as far as the music industry is concerned, but she isn’t forgotten. For example, she never got around to formally dropping an album while active. However, her diehard fans put together a compilation album in Dynasty’s name nonetheless, which was issued in late 2022 and is titled “Tastes Like Velvet”. “So Low”, which was included on that project, is one of its outstanding tracks.

Another very popular Shiloh song found on this project is “Hesitations“.

Popularity of “So Low”

“So Low” is one of the most-popular songs that Shiloh has actually headlined. Accordingly it has been sampled quite a few times, most notably, in terms of tracks that have been officially released, by Juice WRLD on his 2019 joint “Run”. 

Furthermore Xxxtentacion, i.e. the rapper who really made Shiloh famous by sampling her works, utilized “So Low” on his track “Angel”, which appears to be more popular than Juice WRLD’s piece but has yet to be formally made public.


This track was both written and produced by Shiloh Dynasty.

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