“I Know You So Well” by Shiloh Dynasty

On the surface “I Know You So Well” is pretty straight to the point, considering that it only consists of four lines being repeated. But an entire story can be derived from those few lines.

Song’s Addressee’s Profile

For starters, we can presume that the addressee is a romantic interest of the singer’s. And we say this not only based on the tone of the audio but also because Shiloh refers to this individual as “pretty baby”. 

Now whereas “pretty baby” is the type of adjectival phrase that can be relayed to a male also, our second presumption is that the vocalist is in fact addressing another female. And the most blatant hint that such is the case is taking into account that, based on the second line, the person whom the addressee is currently dating is a male. 

“I Know You So Well” is a Lesbian Themed Song

In fact the sentiment upon which this song is based features the vocalist attempting to take the addressee from her current lover. So basically what we’re saying, taking into consideration the Shiloh herself is a female, is that this song is lesbian in nature, i.e. one woman expressing her desire to date another.

Additional clues we have noticed which led us to such a conclusion is based on the Shiloh’s voice and image. Concerning the former, if you didn’t know it was a female singing this song you’d probably presume that it was rather a male, unless maybe you have like a really-exceptional ear. 

And on that same note yes, Shiloh Dynasty is famously reclusive. Indeed her most known characteristic is being unknown. But that said, the few images of her on social media, such as her Instagram account, once again imply that she has masculine leanings. 

Or put differently, in that regard also she appears like a male in some cases. So it seems pretty evident that Dynasty was or is a lesbian, nonbinary or however one may decide to phrase it.

What “I Know You So Well” is all about

So with that in mind, some aspects of the phrase “I can do anything that he can”, as used in a romantic context, are left up to the imagination of the reader. But basically, what she is telling the addressee is that she can be just as good of a partner – or apparently even better than her current boyfriend. Part of being able to make such a bold assertion is based on the fact that she knows the addressee “so well”. 

So it reads almost as if Shiloh has been studying her and accordingly is now knowledgeable of what she expects and likes in a relationship.  Indeed by the looks of things, Dynasty has “been patient” in terms of actually stepping to the apple of her eye. But now, the situation has apparently reached the point where she can no longer keep her feelings inside, thus this song.

Lyrics to "I Know You So Well"

Who is Shiloh Dynasty?

There really isn’t much to say about Shiloh Dynasty. For just as she was on the verge of truly blowing up, the songstress decided to completely pull away from the public spotlight and hasn’t reengaged since. 

That is to say that her last social-media post on Instagram, dated 13 September 2016, she hasn’t come online since, even up until the writing of the post. However, fans know that she is still alive primarily due to certain business transactions that have been conducted in her name since, as well as people who she is personally associated with acknowledging the fact.

What really thrust Shiloh Dynasty into the stardom, besides the 50,000 or so Instagram followers she was able to attract even before disappearing, is the fact that her vocals have been featured on a number of XXXTentacion tracks, most notable amongst them “Jocelyn Flores” (2017). 

Relatedly, “Jocelyn Flores” samples another track entitled “I’m Closing My Eye” (2017) by Potsu. And “I’m Closing My Eyes” samples what came to be known as “I Know You So Well” (2016). 

So her Instagram following has now grown to 1,200,000 subscribers, despite her not using the platform in almost five years.

When was “I Know You So Well” released?

“I Know You So Well” does not have an official release date, since it was never actually issued. According to Genius, this audio was derived from a video Shiloh uploaded onto Instagram on the date of 21 August 2016. 

And since then a number of other underground artists, such as Xfruge and Zøne, have come out with their own renditions of “I Know You So Well” using her vocals.


And with the above in mind, the presumption would be that Shiloh wrote and produced this song herself. In fact the audio consists solely of vocals, as well as the singer apparently playing the guitar in the background.

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