“Why Can’t I Feel Anything?” by Dante Sklaw (ft. Shiloh Dynasty)

“Why Can’t I Feel Anything?” is a love song which goes off on a few tangents.  It is premised on Dante Sklaw having his heart broken. And we can say that the primary sentiment being expressed throughout is that this experience had a devastating effect on his emotional well-being. This is apparently on top of him already having such issues before the relationship even began.  And in its aftermath, he even feels a need to relocate in an attempt to expedite getting over the related sentimental discomfort.

But as the track progresses, as aforementioned he starts to deal with different topics. For instance, he seems to allude to the notion that some people have been compelling him to adopt a more-religious lifestyle. However, it appears that his internal “loneliness” is compelling him not to take that route. Also in the bridge, he is apparently speaking to the concept of mass complacency to a less-than-ideal political power structure. And as a result of these realities, the entire “culture” itself is suffering. Indeed this passage reads as if Dante is calling on the audience to “stand to their feet”, as in take a stance against being manipulated by the powers-that-be.

Song’s Primary Theme is Severe Depression

But again, the prevailing sentiment throughout is Sklaw’s deep depression.  During the first half of the song especially, it reads as if the source of such was being deceived, perhaps cheated on, by the woman he loves. But in the second half it comes off as if it is rather founded in his discontent with the overall state of the society.  So conclusively, we can say that there are a number of different factors contributing to the young artist’s distress. And the title of the song actually points to his inability to feel like a normal human being, so to speak.

Lyrics of "Why Can't I Feel Anything?"

Facts about “Why Can’t I Feel Anything?”

This song was written by Dante Sklaw, a British musician and Shiloh Dynasty. The latter is a remarkably enigmatic singer believed to be from the States. He first gained international recognition when he was credited as a co-writer on the late XXXTentacion’s 2017 hit “Jocelyn Flores“.

Dante Sklaw also produced “Why Can’t I Feel Anything?”.

This song was released as a standalone single 1 December 2018.

It actually marks the second time Dante Sklaw teamed up with Shiloh Dynasty. The first was earlier in 2018 on a track entitled “Misfit”. However, it does not seem likely that another collaboration is forthcoming.

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