“I’m Closing My Eyes” by Potsu (ft. Shiloh Dynasty)

Potsu’s “I’m Closing My Eyes” is relatively-terse in and of itself, on top of the lyrics being highly repetitive. But still, there is a distinguishable story being told therein. And the addressee is a romantic interest of the vocalist. 

Said addressee is a female, whereas the vocalist too is a female. And apparently this lady that she has become interested in has a boyfriend. So what Shiloh is telling her is that she “can do anything that he can”. 

Indeed she is “pretty crazy” over this girl. And moreover, she knows her “so well”. So most simply put, what we are dealing with here is a female crushing over another lady. And now it’s like she is making her move in that regard. And in the process, she is trying to convince said addressee that she will be a better partner than the man she currently has.

But why are we going as far as to postulate that this song is based on a lesbian attraction as opposed to the artist portraying a unisexual or male character? This is because of the few pics of Shiloh Dynasty (which are actually available), she tends to depict herself as a nonbinary or perhaps we can even say masculine figure. 

In other words, based on such imagery there is a very good possibility that she is in fact attracted to other females.

"I'm Closing My Eyes" Lyrics

Story behind “I’m Closing My Eyes”

The story behind this song is that Potsu actually sampled the vocals from an Instagram video by  Shiloh. Said video was posted on the date of 21 August 2016. And less than a month afterwards, Shiloh totally and completely disappeared from the public’s eye. Even up until the writing of this post, no one knows her whereabouts.

Who is Shiloh Dynasty?

Shiloh Dynasty is an artist who built a name for herself via Instagram. As implied above, not much is actually known about her. She did walk away from the game on the cusp of stardom, having attracted tens of thousands of followers by that point. 

In fact currently her Instagram account actually boasts of 1,200,000 subscribers, despite the fact that she has not actually posted on it since 13 September 2016. Her increasing fame is partially due to the fact that since mysteriously retiring, she has become somewhat of an underground legend. 

But even more importantly in terms of earning her notoriety is that other artists have been sampling her work. In fact Shiloh really blew up after this very song, “I’m Closing My Eyes”, was sampled onto one of XXXTentacion’s biggest hits, 2017’s “Jocelyn Flores“. 

Indeed the late XXXTentacion (1998-2018) also utilized her vocals on two other songs, “Carry On” and “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares“, from his 2017 full-length 17.

Who is Potsu?

Meanwhile like Shiloh Dynasty, Potsu is an artist who made a name for himself on social media, though in his case SoundCloud. In fact he produced the three aforementioned XXXTentacion tracks which feature Shiloh Dynasty’s vocals as well as another which came out after X’s passing, “Guardian Angel” (2018), in which her voice was used. 

So the implication would be that it is Potsu who actually introduced Shiloh into said tunes. Thus it can be said that he and she are regular collaborators, even if she may not be directly involved in those songs. 

But that noted, whereas Potsu has worked with other artists in addition to dropping a few tracks of his own, his most notable works thus far have, by a mile, been via working with XXXTentacion.

More Facts about “I’m Closing My Eyes”

“I’m Closing My Eyes” was written by Shiloh Dynasty and produced by Potsu. 

The track was released on the date of 25 May 2017. 

Of all of the songs in which Potsu serves as the headline artist, this has attracted the most views, by a very large margin, on any online platform. As such, the logical conclusion would be that its popularity has been buttressed by the success of the aforementioned “Jocelyn Flores”.

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