“High” by Miley Cyrus

The narrator (Miley Cyrus), in addressing her ex-lover, is going through a range of emotions. And with this being Cyrus and especially the attitude she displays throughout her “Plastic Hearts” album, we know that she ‘don’t miss him (or her)’.  However, on this particular track, she is at least letting it be known that this is a person she thinks about daily. Moreover, when she does think about him, she “still feel(s) high”.  So it’s like on one hand she is bragging about being completely over him. Yet on the other she admits that she fantasizes about the two of them being together. But ultimately she doesn’t come off as if she regrets parting ways. Rather, she is just more or less keeping it real in acknowledging his continued presence in her thoughts.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Miley Cyrus's High at Lyrics.org.

The writing of this song is a collaborative effort between Miley Cyrus and the following:

  • Caitlyn Smith
  • Jennifer Decilveo
  • Mark Ronson

Ronson is also one of the producers of “High”. He worked in that regard alongside the following:

  • Andrew Wyatt
  • Take a Daytrip

RCA Records deemed this song worthy to be featured on Miley’s 2020 album, which goes by the title “Plastic Hearts”. Both “High” and “Plastic Hearts” came out on 27 November 2020. And Miley had teased the track the day prior via her Instagram account.

Did Miley release “High” as a single?

No. The marketing of her “Plastic Hearts” album was supported by just two single releases. And the singles in question are “Midnight Sky” and “Prisoner“.

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