“Gimme What I Want” by Miley Cyrus

What Smiley Miley actually ‘wants’, as indicated by the title, is a lover. Or more to the point she desires hot, animalistic, noncommittal bedroom fun with the addressee. The premise behind “Gimme What I Want” is that apparently both she and this person are not in any type of serious relationship with anyone else. As such, at times they do get lonely.  But as Cyrus argues, “no one likes to be alone”. So she just wants to hook up with this individual to get through the night. And owing to this, she is letting him know that she is not interested in his “future” or “past”. Or stated more bluntly, she’s not concerned with getting to know him, nor is she is thinking about the two of them becoming an item.  Rather, once again going back to the title, she has desires that she wants fulfilled right here, right now.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Miley Cyrus's Gimme What I Want at Lyrics.org.

Miley Cyrus’s writing team on this particular tune consisted of the following:

  • Ali Tamposi
  • Majid A. Maskati (of Majid Jordan)
  • Louis Bell
  • Watt

And the last two artists on that list also produced the track.

“Gimme What I Want” is a product of the project named “Plastic Hearts”. This project is actually the seventh studio album of Miley Cyrus’ illustrious career in the music industry. The project alongside this particular track was released via RCA Records on November 27th, 2020.

Was “Gimme What I Want” a single release?

No. RCA Records released only two official singles to support “Plastic Hearts”. And these singles are “Prisoner” and “Midnight Sky“.

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