“Relocate” by Juice WRLD

Rappers are generally known for presenting themselves as tough guys, whoremongers and other such shenanigans. But anyone truly familiar with the genre knows that most of them, such as Juice WRLD, were not only brought up in the ‘hood but also in single mother households and therefore appreciate their moms accordingly. 

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And that is what the first part of this song centers on, i.e. Juice WRLD’s mom recounting how he did indeed take care of her, including the purchase of a house, once he blew up. So in that sense, the title of this song is based on the concept of moving up in the world, so to speak, which was made possible by Juice due to the wealthy income he went on to generate.

But apparently the term “relocate”, as implied by the first verse, is also meant to be an instruction to opps, that they should move out of their current “place of resident” before WRLD and his hitters show up. 

And yes, it is kind of unorthodox – for lack of a better word – that a song which begins with Juice’s mother stating her appreciation for his care rather transforming into one about street beef. But such is in fact the case with “Relocate”.

All in All

The intro and most of the chorus is about like Juice WRLD’s come-up. But he also lets it be known that people who try to ‘block his blessing’ may well end up getting “shot in the face”. And it is that latter sentiment, one of threatening opps with the gat, which the actual verses are primarily based on.

Lyrics tp Juice WRLD's "Relocate"

Release of “Relocate”

On 10th of December 2021, the song, “Relocate” was released as part of Juice’s fourth studio album, “Fighting Demons”.

The album which happens to be his second since his passing away in 2019 was released by the following record labels: Interscope Records and Grade A Productions.

The album’s release was preceded by the release of the following singles:

Another single titled “Girl of My Dreams” (ft. BTS) was also released purely for promotional purposes of the album.


Juice and Nick Mira co-own credits for the song’s composition while Mira is solely credited with its production.


4 Responses

  1. CK says:

    Tune kicks large, seriously on point

  2. Methodical says:

    Juice WRLD was and still is one of my favorite rappers, and it’s really sad to see such a talented man who wasn’t so focused on money, but more about himself and the people around him (i.e. his family, friends, fans, followers.) #RIP Juice WRLD #LLJW# JWFL #999SHIT

  3. Xerox says:

    long live juice #999

  4. Emmanuel chigozie says:

    I have never seen a musician like juice wrld,he’s songs are heart touching songs,i still feel bad when his legacy was cut shot.

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