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Bad Boy

“Bad Boy” by Juice WRLD & Young Thug

The title of this song was inspired by the Will Smith / Martin Lawrence film Bad Boys (1995), which serves as a classic piece of Black cinema for those who like action movies.  But the lyrics aren’t about...

Stay High by Juice WRLD

“Stay High” by Juice WRLD

Any fan of Juice WRLD knows that he is quite fond, if you will, of taking substances. And the theme of this song is that he ‘stays high’ as a form of anti-depressant –...

Fighting Demons by Juice WRLD

“Fighting Demons” by Juice WRLD

One of the recurring themes throughout Juice WRLD’s “Legends Never Die” album, if not his entire career, has been the artist being persecuted by “demons”.  Said demons represent different, less-than-favorable aspects of his life which he...