“How Do You Love Somebody” by Why Don’t We 

Love sure is a tough journey, and it doesn’t spare anyone. Not even if you’re part of a boy band. The boys pen down their real-life experiences of having a partner leave them and move on quickly with another in this new summer hit.

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“How Do You Love Somebody” starts off with them reminiscing memories shared with their former significant others. Day and night, their thoughts are constantly evolving around happy moments they once shared with their respective partners only for the sad reality to kick in after. The unfortunate thing is that their exes are happy post breakup while they’re heartbroken.

WDW shares that heartbreaks are never easy to heal. It can make someone feel like they’re unable to love again as they’ve lost a piece of themselves.

And get this, just fifteen minutes after their breakups, their exes are already texting another guy. They get ignored when they tried to call them in hopes of fixing things. Ouch! That’s definitely a stab in the back!

"How Do You Love Somebody" Lyrics

Release of “How Do You Love Somebody”

WDW started posting up news of the release of “How Do You Love Somebody” on all of their social media platforms – FacebookTwitterInstagram and TikTok from 20th May 2022.

This single was eventually released on 31st May 2022 by Atlantic Records. At the time of its release, it wasn’t associated with any album.

It is worth stating that the song’s release was accompanied by the announcement of the group’s “The Good Times Only” tour.

How Do You Love Somebody

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