“How I Look on You” by Ariana Grande

Throughout the years Ariana Grande has been in a couple of high-profile relationships. In fact just dating someone of her caliber would cause any such guy to become a celebrity in his own right. And that’s the primary idea upon which this song is based.

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The term “how I look on you” is something that would be spoken from, say, the perspective of a piece of clothing. But of course clothes can’t speak. And rather the “I” in the title is a reference to the songstress herself. And basically, the purpose of this tune is to note how just dating her has increased the notoriety of a certain individual. And that individual, based on studies conducted by Arianators, is actually a comedian by the name of Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Pete and Ariana were only together for less than half a year in 2018. But during that brief time, it even appeared as if they would get married. Yet their engagement barely lasted four months. And after it was called off, their relationship also promptly ended.

So you would imagine that there must have been a high degree of emotions exchanged in such a scenario. And that is actually more along the lines of this song. In other words, Ariana isn’t simply stating that she made Pete more popular. But she takes it a step further by throwing shade at him in the process. And at the foundation of her beef is a questioning of his motives for getting romantically getting involved with her in the first place.

Thus the song starts off with the singer having a mock conversation with the addressee. And in it, he is reaffirming that he is not interested in her due to her celebrity. Rather he likes her simply for the person she truly is. But apparently such was not the case. Yet this is something Ariana obviously fell for, as now she is stating she “don’t believe no one no more”. Or put differently, being deceived by this dude in such a manner has caused her to distrust people in general.

Lyrics of "How I Look on You"

Addressee used Ariana Grande to become famous

And the way she became privy of his deceit, according to this song, is that the addressee started shunning her once he himself began blowing up. Or put succinctly from Grande’s perspective, he used her to get to a certain point of celebrity. And once he did achieve that level of fame, he basically let her go.

As such, she is reminding him that this newfound renown was a direct result of him dating with her. Or another way of looking at it is that the masses aren’t actually interested in him as much as the Ariana he was ‘wearing’.  And the fact that she is not addressing him directly with the matter, rather releasing her feelings for the entire world to hear, insinuates that Grande indeed harbors some ill will towards the addressee, i.e. Pete Davidson.

Facts about “How I Look on You”

“How I Look on You” was released by Republic Records. It was released along with the rest of the soundtrack of the 2019 feminist-action film “Charlie’s Angels”, on 1 November 2019. In fact Ariana Grande lends her vocals to a few songs on the album.

Ari-Chan also had a hand in writing “How I Look on You” along with Savan Kotecha. The track’s producers, Ilya and Max Martin also co-wrote it.

Whereas Ariana has remained single since breaking up with Pete Davidson in October of 2018 (and still doesn’t appear as if she is involved with anyone as of the release of this song), Davidson himself has since been in a couple of high-profile relationships.

But is “How I Look on You” really about Pete Davidson?

We strongly think so! That being said, readers should note that this isn’t Grande’s first song that has something to do with Davidson. Throughout her career, Grande has released a number of songs inspired by him. One such tune is is the song titled “Pete Davidson” from her famous “Sweetener” album.

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