Ariana Grande’s “Winter Things” Lyrics Meaning

“Winter Things” is an Ariana Grande song based purely on a Christmastime fantasy. The singer (Ariana) is situated in someplace like a tropical environment. That is to say that her hometown doesn’t receive anything like frosty weather, even during the winter months.

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But she is not going to let such prevent her from enjoying a white Christmas, as in a traditional holiday season where cold weather is a dominant factor.  Thus while hooking up with her sweetheart, she intends to emulate a winter setting as much as possible. So for instance she wants him to ‘take her to the ice-skating rink downtown’. And she desires for the two of them to chill by the fireside, despite there being no practical reason for them to do so since ‘the sun is blasting’ outside.

In fact overall this is an exercise in fantasy. And the singer wants her romantic partner to play along with her, imagining that they are indeed in a winterwonderland. So you can say that this is an ode to romance but even more so to the Christmas spirit. Or the main sentiment expressed is the singer’s desire to enjoy Christmastime in the way she idealizes the season to be.

Lyrics of "Winter Things"

Facts about “Winter Things”

Republic Records made “Winter Things” available on 18 December 2015 as part of Ariana’s EP “Christmas & Chill”.

Being that this song has a romantic undertone, Arianators have faithfully set about figuring out who Grande would be singing to if it were indeed based on her personal life. And in that regard, it has been concluded that it would be Ricky Alvarez, a dancer whom Ari-Chan dated for a little over a year, from 2015 to 2016.

“Winter Things” was produced by Travis Sayles along with TBHits.

They also co-wrote the song along with Mr. Franks, Peter L. Johnson, Ariana and her homey, Victoria Monét.

It has also been noted that Ariana herself is from Florida, a place in the United States that doesn’t experience any winter to speak of.

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