I Don’t Think It Will Ever End by Wilbur Soot

This is one of the more personal Wilbur Soot tracks we have come across, one where he appears to be relaying the sentiments expressed from his own perspective rather than taking on a character or what have you. And as with others found on Mammalian Sighing Reflex, it is obviously premised on the vocalist suffering from a serious case of depression.

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In the case of I Don’t Think It Will Ever End, the lyrics are written like a conversation, being one where the vocalist is actually getting responses. And there’s a lot to be theoretically interpreted here. For instance, the nature of the responses are such that they’re basically repeating or agreeing with what Wilbur already said. So if, as has been put forth, this is meant to represent a conversation between Soot and his social media fandom, then what seems to be inferred here is that they don’t really care about what he may be going through internally.

And that is Wilbur having an adverse reaction to his celebrity or in the very least feeling like ‘hiding himself’. But upon doing so, he subsequently ‘feels silly’. So then, against his own inclination, Soot proceeds to make himself social again, which then causes him to re-descend into a depression.

Wilbur realizes this isn’t normal, at least not as idealized and especially for someone “in a good phase” like he is. So he concludes by classifying this modus operandi as a form of “self-sabotage”. It is not abundantly clear what he means in that regard. But it may be that what Soot is saying is that sometimes he acts too “silly” for his own good, not because he’s actually a goofball but rather in hopes that doing so will somehow minimize his popularity. That would be a strange disposition for a celebrity to adopt, instead of just quitting. But as also implied, in a manner of interpretation, it’s as if he’s addicted to the fame.

Facts about this Track

Wilbur Soot wrote and produced this track. Besides being a soloist, he is also with an outfit known as Lovejoy. But this particular song is from Wilbur’s second-solo album, Mammalian Reflex Theory, which hit the marketplace on 30 November 2023.

There is an official remix of this song, known as its “Nightcore” version, which Soot has made available on YouTube.

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