“It’s All Futile! It’s All Pointless!” by Wilbur Soot

“It’s All Futile! It’s All Pointless!” by Wilbur Soot centers on a tumultuous romantic relationship which the vocalist is in with the addressee. And as Wilbur Soot songs tend to go, it is quite detailed. 

So in the name of making sure that we capture all of the main points, we’re going to break down each of the verses one-by-one, in the name of attempting to put together a complete picture of what’s transpiring.

Verse 1

This tale of discontent actually commences having to do with the addressee. He presents himself as a bored college student, with the university experience draining the life out of him. More to the allegorical point, we can conclude that he’s one of those types of individuals who for the most part perceives higher education as a waste of time. 

And such is poetically manifested by him highlighting “a geography course” he is taking where through it he may learn how to “use a sextant”, a largely outdated tool utilized by seafarers, which by the way does not appear like a profession he’s actually interested in.

Verse 2

The second verse introduces the addressee into the mix. She is not directly presented as a romantic interest of the vocalist, but more direct inferences come later on. Either way, the implication is that she is his antithesis, as in while he’s out trying to educate himself towards a better life, she’s at home fulfilling her own ambition, which is chillin’. 

Wilbur also implies that he has a job on top of college pursuits, necessitated by the fact that he has rent to pay and kids to feed. At first, it is not abundantly clear if he lives with the addressee or if the kids belong to them both. But based on the outro for instance, the general implication is that they are in fact akin to a married couple with children.


Now usually in songs such as this, we will analyze all of the verses before getting to the chorus. But in this case the choruses that come in between the second and third verse actually fit into the linear timeline of the narrative. 

In the pre-chorus, it is revealed that the vocalist and addressee have broken up. And more to the point, he is letting her know that he doesn’t miss her per se. Rather what he longs for are the long gone glory days of their relationship.

And Wilbur seems pretty strong in taking a stance against this lady, until the actual chorus itself comes around. In the chorus, lies the thesis sentiment of this track which. Most simply put, the thesis sentiment centers on his inability to get over her. And long story short, Soot perceives her unshakeable presence in his brain as sort of a curse. 

So accordingly, he appears resolute to likewise make her life a living hell.

Verse 3

And at first all of that may sound quite cruel on his behalf, until you get into the third verse. For here it is revealed that part of anger towards her is founded in the fact that she dated another man. 

We don’t know if this was post-breakup or while she and Wilbur were still together. However, the general implication would be something like that latter and such actions on her part contributing to the romance finally unraveling in the first place. 

That is to say that either way, Wilbur was greatly offended by her actions. And it looks like after playing the field, the addressee came to a similar conclusion as he did. In other words, she too realized, to her dismay, that he is the one who truly loves her. 

And she has been able to come to this realization largely because the other dude she dated, whom Soot feels she actually prefers, has moved on to get into a much more serious relationship with someone else.

The Long and Short of “It’s All Futile! It’s All Pointless!”

So even though on this surface the lyrics are filled with a sentiment of discontent, this is in fact a love song. We may even go as far as to say that this is true love that Wilbur is singing about here.

And why? Because by the looks of things, both the vocalist and addressee have tried to escape from it. However, they failed in that endeavor. At the end of the day, they both ended up finding themselves back in each other’s arms.

But that said the conclusive sentiment, as illustrated by the chorus, is one of futility. This romance is just another aspect of an overall unfulfilling life that the vocalist is living. 

And it doesn’t seem that it is autobiographical per se. So we can further put forth that Wilbur is trying to encapsulate the feelings of a standard young man who is either forced or compelled to engage in a number of activities he doesn’t enjoy, including a less than edifying romantic relationship.

Lyrics to Wilbur Soot's "It’s All Futile! It’s All Pointless!"

When did Wilbur release “It’s All Futile! It’s All Pointless!”?

This song, which was released on 9 February 2020, is from Wilbur Soot’s debut EP. The said project goes by the title “Maybe I Was Boring”. Since then he has come out with another extended play entitled “Your City Gave Me Asthma” (2020).

The aforementioned EPs are projects which Wilbur released himself. Relatedly, circa this period in time, he is recognized more as an internet personality as opposed than a musician. For instance, as of the writing of this post, his YouTube channel has over 5,500,000 subscribers. And it is via his social media fame that he has also been able to gain initial notoriety as a musician.

It’s All Futile! It’s All Pointless!

Wilbur Soot

That said, Soot has had a number of hits thus far, as in songs that have actually made the UK Singles Chart. Only one of them, “Your New Boyfriend” (2020), is a song he dropped as a soloist. 

The others are actually via a group he’s involved in called Lovejoy. And overall, by the looks of things we can say that as time progresses Soot is gradually establishing himself as a credible career musician.

All of Wilbur Soot’s solo tracks that we have covered thus far are either overtly or partially comedic. But it may be that Lovejoy, of which he is the lead vocalist, is a more serious musical pursuit, which may be the reason why they have charted consistently throughout 2021. For instance, the second single they released this year, “One Day”, actually reached number five on the UK Indie Chart.

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