“Your New Boyfriend” by Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot’s “Your New Boyfriend” is a comedic tune, albeit still serving as a love song.  And the addressee would be the lady whom the narrator is in love with. More to the point though is his current distress since, as the title indicates, she has gotten herself a “new boyfriend”. Moreover when the singer compares himself to dude, he becomes intimidated by his rival’s good looks. But with that being noted, the addressee is still a lady who he has been chasing for years. And even though she has now found a lover, he does not seem deterred in terms of continuing his pursuit.

Wilbur Soot served as the writer and producer of “Your New Boyfriend”. Even though the track was first previewed online in July of 2020, the tune was not officially released until 11 December 2020.

This comedic tune is considered to be the third in a trilogy of tracks of tracks Soot has dropped in relation to the same fictional addressee. The other two songs respectively are “I’m in Love with An E-Girl” and “Internet Ruined Me“, both of which came out earlier in 2020.

Wilbur Soot is actually a YouTuber by profession. But for a moment in time he proved popular enough as a musician, via “Your New Boyfriend”, to actually knock Taylor Swift (“Willow“) out of the top spot for most-trending music video in the US and UK.

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