“Soft Boy” by Wilbur Soot

“Soft Boy” really isn’t the easiest to understand as far as particular passages go, even for a Wilbur Soot song. But what the narrative seemingly reflects, as is more or less his modus operandi, is the romantic musings of a young guy who is dealing with his own fair share of self-esteem issues. For instance, the vocalist has come to the conclusion that he is a “soft boy”. 

Whereas it is not made abundantly clear what exactly that designation is supposed to mean, it is obviously something negative. We could say it is along the lines of the vocalist realizing that he has no definitive direction in life or more to the point is lacking the overall courage to truly pursue the apple of his eye.

And that explanation is not to imply that this is a love song per se, even though the addressee is said romantic interest. Or put otherwise the lyrics do not focus on the vocalist’s feelings for his sweetheart as much as they do the fact that he’s going through an ordeal like an identity crisis. But that said, the conclusive sentiment definitely revolves around Wilbur’s desire to overcome this condition, as he sees doing so as a necessary step in locking down the addressee.

Lyrics for Wilbur Soot's "Soft Boy"

Wilbur Soot

Wilbur is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer, from the UK, who has also experienced notable success as a mainstream musician. For instance, 2021’s “Pebble Brain”, which is the second EP dropped by a band he fronts known as Lovejoy, impressively peaked at number 12 on the UK Albums Chart. 

As implied by the title of that project, Soot’s offerings tend to be comical in nature. 

FYI, recently Wilbur has been focused more on Lovejoy than his own solo career. It is not exactly clear why.

Soft Boy

When was “Soft Boy” released?

On 25 September, 2022, “Soft Boy” was officially released. It is actually Wilbur’s first single of 2022, whether solo or as part of Lovejoy.

“Soft Boy” is a track that Wilbur completed sometime before its issuance, and his fans have known about it for a couple of years beforehand. But the reason its release was delayed was reportedly in the name of putting together a music video for it. This was in addition to Soot admittedly being under some type of subconscious pressure to replicate the success of his previous single, “Your New Boyfriend“. The aforementioned single was his first and only track to be certified, i.e. going gold in the United States. 

FYI, “Soft Boy” was reportedly put out by the vocalist’s own label. The said label is called Wilbur Soot Records.

Did Wilbur Soot write “Soft Boy”?

Yes. He holds the sole writing credit on this song.

The song’s producer is another YouTube-based musician, a Swedish artist who goes by the name of Roomie.

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