“I Found You” by Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris

“I Found You” is a collaboration between American music producer Benny Blanco and Scottish DJ/songwriter/producer Calvin Harris. The lyrics of this collab find the singer (Harris) talking about finding someone/something special after searching for them/it for a very long time. The song describes the happiness the singer feels after finally finding what he had been searching for all this while.  Throughout the song, it is never made clear exactly what the singer was looking for.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Benny Blanco's I Found You at Lyrics.org.

Quick Facts about “I Found You”

  • Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris are the sole writers of this song. Being noted producers, the pair produced the song all by themselves.
  • “I Found You” was formally unveiled on November 2, 2018. About a week before the song’s release, both Blanco and Harris took to Instagram to announce the collab.
  • Calvin Harris handles all the vocals on this track. For your information, Harris rarely sings nor contributes vocals to his songs. The fact that he sang on this one makes it pretty special.
  • According to Blanco, Harris initially didn’t want to sing on this track because he felt his voice “sounds like sh*t”. But to Blanco, Harris’ voice is great.
  • Blanco had to literally beg Harris several times to sing on this track. It is noteworthy that the last song Harris provided vocals on was his 2016 single “My Way”.
  • This track is the second single of Blanco’s solo career. The first single of his career was the hit collaboration with Khalid and Halsey titled “Eastside“. “Eastside” was so successful it reached topped the UK Singles Chart.
  • Just like Blanco, Harris last single before this one titled “Promises” also reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart. That song featured Sam Smith.
  • Calvin Harris doesn’t appear in the official music video for “I Found You”. However, both Blanco and his mother appear in it.


Prior to “I Found You” had Blanco and Harris ever collaborated?

No. This is the first time both artists are teaming up to work on a song.

What musical genre is “I Found You”?

It belongs to the following genres: house and dance-pop.

Does singer Halsey really appear in the music video?

Yes, she does. She is the woman in the pink pants and the white top dancing with Blanco and his mother. Aside Halsey and Blanco’s mother, the following prominent artists make guest appearances in the video: Lil Dicky, Tory Lanez, Cashmere Cat  and Francis and the Lights.

Benny Blanco dancing with his mother and singer Halsey

Blanco’s mother (left), Blanco (middle) and Halsey (right)

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