“I Wish I Was A Shooting Star” by Birdy

As presented in “I Wish I Was A Shooting Star”, Birdy is suffering from what reads like an incurable case of depression. There may be a solution out there, but it’s not one that’s readily available to her. And it’s as if the people in her life can’t give her any type of meaningful advice, or they don’t care enough to really appreciate what she’s going through to begin with.

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The titular metaphor is not as easy to make sense of as the premise is. But what it does generally point to the vocalist’s desire to overcome her depression.

“So, tell me how I’m meant to feel
I’m dying to get out of here
Ah-ah-ah, ah
I wish I was a shooting star
I’d burn out as the world admired
Ah-ah-ah, ah
Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah”

Birdy wrote and produced “I Wish I Was a Shooting Star” with Gabe Simon.

This song is found on the playlist of “Portraits”, the Birdy album that Atlantic Records put out on 18 August 2023.

I Wish I Was A Shooting Star

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