“Try” by Pink

This track speaks about taking risks in love and holding on despite the consequences. Here, it appears there has been a breakup and the singer is wondering how things would have been if she had given it one last try. On the other hand, she is also encouraging herself to live with the choice made and move on to find new love.

The chorus mainly explains that wherever there is love, someone may get hurt but that does not mean that it should end. It takes some effort to make things work and people must be willing to see through the pain and expect a happy ending. The song also expresses the need to listen to one’s own heart on whether to stay in a hurtful relationship and work it out or to finally let go and move on.

The concept applies to people both in and out of a relationship. As the protagonist of the song has been through a breakup, she learns her lesson and resolves to try harder in her next relationship. Her concern however is why people still continue to fall for the same tricks or with the same people even though they know they are not right for them. At the same time, it portrays her fear of moving on from the betrayal and breakup and allowing herself to trust another person.

Lyrics of “Try”

Facts about “Try”

RCA Records released “Try” on 19 October 2012. It was the second single from Pink’s sixth-studio album, which is called “The Truth About Love”.

This song was written by regularly-collaborating music duo of Michael Busbee and Ben West. Pop singer Adam Lambert recorded his own version prior to Pink, but Michael Busbee in particular didn’t feel he was right for the song.

And “Try” was produced by Greg Kurstin.

The music video to this track had Floria Sigismondi as its director. It co-stars an actor by the name of Colt Prattes. And in the clip, Pink famously utilizes a style which is known as Apache dance.

Pink’s first live rendition of “Try” is noted as having taken place on 2 October 2012. And the venue was the stage of “X Factor Australia”.

She went on to perform it on even bigger stages such as that American Music Awards of 2012 and the Grammy Awards of 2014.

This is due to the fact that “Try” was a monumental success, indeed one of the most-notable of Pink’s lengthy career. For instance, it topped two Billboard lists (Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40) as well as music charts in Spain and Slovakia. Additionally it made it onto the top 10 of both the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.

However, more astounding is that overall “Try” charted in over 30 countries, including the likes of Mexico and Lebanon.

And in terms of its vast certifications, this track has gone multi-platinum in the US, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and Australia.

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  1. RaVen Sequoia says:

    I absolutely love this music video P!nk choreographed with Colt Prattes – amazing cohesion, truly in sync emotionally and the modernized Apache dance-wise. Somehow it’s healing for me, as a Deaf person, it’s important I see the lyrics matches the mood and emotions of the dancers. Thank you both.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The song asks why and how do we connect with someone who can be abusive/bring abuse out of us. The dance, the incredible dance says it all.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. yeahitsme says:

    I wonder if the “He ” pronoun she is using, is refering to a man or the love itself

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