“I’m Not High, I’m in Love” by Bebe Rexha

On “I’m Not High, I’m in Love”, Bebe Rexha celebrates being imbued with the euphoria of smittenness.  As these cases tend to go in song, Bebe does so by noting that some time ago she was depressed and now contrasting that reality with the present, whereas she ‘sees colors dancing all around the room’ and things of the sort. 

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Furthermore, the narrator puts forth that now truly being in love, she has lost the desire to engage in basic, everyday activities such as sleeping and eating.

Under normal circumstances, making such claims can be taken as a cause for alarm. For instance, it’s totally not normal for a person to be randomly seeing colors. But Rexha clarifies that claim is meant to serve as sort of a metaphor, pointing to how, after having endured a “kaleidoscope of lovers”, she has finally found who in her mind is apparently the one.

So as far as the title goes, the singer is revealing that her experiencing these unusual sensations is not the result of being high on drugs, as one may assume. Rather she has fallen completely head over heels, even going as far designating the addressee, the apple of her eye, as being ‘her drug’.

“I’m not high, I’m in love”

Who composed this song?

Bebe Rexha wrote “I’m Not High, I’m in Love” in conjunction with these other writers:

  • Jesse Saint John
  • Solly
  • Ido Zmishlany  

Zmishlany, who has recently worked with the likes of Jonas Brothers and Yungblud, also produced this track.

When was “I’m Not High, I’m in Love” released?

This officially hit the marketplace on 28 April 2023. It did so as part of “Bebe”, which is Bebe Rexha’s studio LP that also came out that same day via Warner Records.

There were a number of singles that were used in supporting “Bebe”, including these:


“Call on Me”

“Heart Wants What It Wants”

I'm Not High I'm in Love

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