“Blue Moon” by Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha’s “Blue Moon” is a love song, not only in the sense of relaying the vocalist’s affection for the addressee but also, let’s say more the point, reflecting the former’s appreciation of the valuable roles the latter has played in her life. 

For example, as implied in the first verse, throughout the relationship Bebe has given her partner ample reason to call it quits or ‘falter’. But instead, he “wouldn’t break”. And as inferred, this has proven to be the addressee’s way of convincing Rexha that he is indeed the one.

Furthermore, as metaphorically illustrated in the second verse, this is someone who has served as her life’s guide, in a manner of speaking. Then later on, the bridge also insinuates that the addressee is able to firmly put it on Bebe. 

This means he’s steady enough to take her BS, able to rightfully guide her, and Rexha also enjoys the physical side of their relationship. So all things considered, perhaps this is the type of formula that Rexha’s “miracle man”, as referenced on another track from the same album, must possess in order to float her boat.

“Tell me how I could live without you
When a love like this only comes once
So tell mе how I could breathe without you
When a lovе like this only comes once
In a blue moon (Ooh)”


This is from “Bebe”, the studio album by and named after the singer, which Rexha’s longtime backers, Warner Records, made public on 28 April 2023. 

Amongst the producers to grace this project is British behind-the-scenes’ man Joe Janiak, who served that role on “Blue Moon”, as well as acting as a co-writer of this song. And its other authors are Rexha, Sam DeRosa and Kunfetti.

Blue Moon


There is an actual astronomical occurrence which known as a “blue moon” which, according to Royal Museums Greenwich, “come(s) only about every two or three years”. That is the reality from which the well-known colloquial phrase “once in a blue moon” is based on, i.e. whatever instance that is described so being a rare one. 

That phrase is also found in the chorus of Bebe Rexha’s song. And the vocalist uses it to further put forth, as suggested earlier in this post, that she recognizes how much of a rarity it is to have scored someone as exceptional as her sweetheart.

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