“When It Rains” by Bebe Rexha

The lyrics of “When It Rains”, which Bebe Rexha wrote with Chloe George, Cleo Tighe and Jussifer, aren’t necessarily the easiest to make detailed of. But all wording considered, one logical conclusion would be that the titular ‘rain’ serves as a metaphor for, excuse our French, a wet and wild female orgasm.

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Actually there really isn’t much excusing in order on our part, as the chorus of this song is pretty raunchy and graphic as is. And to make a long story short, what’s being put forth here, premise-wise, is that the vocalist is in a troubled romance with the addressee, one whereas the latter for instance is depicted as being untruthful. 

However, from the former’s perspective the sex is very much on point. So even if Rexha isn’t particularly fond of or disassociated from the addressee otherwise, it is that particular aspect of their relationship which compels Bebe to “come right back to” him nonetheless.

“When it rains
I’m a tidal wave on a midnight train to you
When it rains
You’re like God to me, we found heaven in a hotel room
I just wanna go off in the backseat
You love makin’ me scream
Let’s f–k all the pain we’ve been through
When it rains, only when it rains
I come right back to you”


The aforementioned Jussifer, a Finnish-American musician and constant Bebe Rexha collaborator, also co-produced this song alongside Mitch Allan.

“When It Rains” is the fourth and shortest track on “Bebe”, Rexha third studio album under Warner Records, following 2018’s “Expectations” and 2021’s “Better Mistakes”.

When It Rains

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