“Miracle Man” by Bebe Rexha

“Miracle Man” was produced by Ido Zmishlany, the behind-the-scenes’ American musician who made a number of contributions to Bebe, the album from which this track is derived. With that said, it should also be noted that he wrote this song, though accomplishing that task also with the following:

  • Jesse Saint John
  • Bonnie McKee
  • Solly
  • Bebe Rexha

This track came out on 28 April 2023 via Warner Records, the same label responsible for Bebe’s two previous studio albums, “Expectations” (2018) and “Better Mistakes” (2021).

Miracle Man

The Lyrics of “Miracle”

The term “miracle”, as utilized in this song, has a twofold usage, so to speak. Or let’s say that that, in a way, it does speak to a sole concept, i.e. the notion that the kind of guys the vocalist is into are like miracles if you will, in that you don’t encounter those types every day.

As implied, Bebe is used to having  dudes up in her face, showering her with sweet words in the name of making Rexha their own. But she is also able to perceive that not all of them are up to task, being able to ‘handle her demons’ for example, as put forth in the first verse. 

And beyond that, in explaining the sentiment behind this piece to Rolling Stonethe songstress revealed that she isn’t attracted to run-of-the-mill guys but rather the type who are able to ‘show her better things’ and ‘elevate her as a human being’, i.e. grant her a holistically-uplifting romantic experience.

But speaking of miracles and demons and all, those are of course the types of terms often associated with spirituality, i.e. the Bible. So as far as the title of this track goes, Rexha also uses the opportunity to imbue the lyrics with other such terminology, such as “faith” and “amen”. 

“I need a miracle man
Who can make me believe in love again
Say amen (Yeah), amen (Yeah)
‘Cause a woman like me ain’t easy to please
I need a miracle man
Who can make me believe in love again
Say amen (Yeah), amen (Yeah)
‘Cause a woman like me ain’t easy to please”

And as we have been compelled to point out numerous times as of late, doing so has become sort of an industry standard and in fact isn’t necessarily anything new but a motif that is becoming sort of unimaginatively and overly replicated these days.

But another way of taking such expressions in context is as Bebe’s way of saying that she requires a man akin to her own personal prophet, in a manner of speaking. After all, being touched spiritually would also be part and parcel of being ‘elevated as a human being’. 

So to reiterate, what the vocalist is saying in this instance is that she wants the whole package. Or more specifically, as far as abovenoted terms are concerned, she desires a partner extraordinary enough to re-imbue her with “faith” in romance. 

So the premise behind this outing would be that the narrator, as it currently stands, is perhaps brokenhearted, or Bebe has had something happen which made her more or less lose interest in the dating game, though she more specifically implies that this is more of a matter of her not being “easy to please”.

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