“Perfume” by Lovejoy

As with most, if not all songs we’ve thus far analyzed that are sung by Wilbur Soot, this one can also really get complicated if a listener decides to dive too deeply into the lyrics. That is to say that some of the wording is like specific and ambiguous at the same time, and certain pronouns may refer to different individuals with no specific prior warning to the audience. 

But there does very much appear to be a discernible storyline. And what is most easily ascertainable is that the vocalist is addressing a romantic interest.

Now, it would be simple to conclude that said addressee is Wilbur’s ex. That is definitely the impression we get based on the title/chorus, which centers on the idea of the vocalist still being able to “smell her perfume”, even in her absence. But the outro also sorta implies that this may be someone who Soot is still romantically involved with. 

Under normal circumstances, an outro that theoretically contradicts the inferred premise of the rest of the song would be something we’d probably ignore, more or less being deemed the result of a momentary lapse on part of the songwriter. But with artists like Wilbur Soot, such is not to be taken for granted.

A Discontent Vocalist

In any event, what this song revolves around is the vocalist’s discontent that the address is now dating someone else. It may, most logically be that she is his ex. And/or it may be, all things considered, that she’s dating this other dude concurrently with Wilbur, with the latter being sort of a cuck, if you will. 

Or put differently, the addressee reads as if she is more experienced and maneuverable in the field of romance than the vocalist is. But however you cut it, she has decided to take on a new boyfriend, whether he likes it or not.

And when the vocalist actually takes a mature approach to the matter, does understand why she made such a decision. However, that doesn’t mean that he likes what she’s done. And furthermore, he is powerless to do anything about it either way.

In Conclusion

So all in all, the singer and his sweetheart are going in two different directions. As for the latter, she is apparently caught up in a cycle of unfulfilling promiscuity. And accordingly, it is inevitable that she will continue to disappoint the vocalist, this dude who has fallen in love with her and is depressed without her.

Lyrics for "Perfume" by Lovejoy

Interesting Facts

Wilbur Soot, who is 25 years as of the release date of Perfume on 14 October 2021, is actually a very popular YouTuber / Twitch stream who in more recent times also made a name for himself on the music scene. For instance, in 2020 he came out with his romcom “Lonely Boy” trilogy of which the last song, “Your New Boyfriend“, hit number 10 on the UK Indie Chart. 

But musically he has had more success as a member of Lovejoy, alongside the following bandmates of his:

  • Ash Kabosu
  • Mark Boardman
  • Joe Goldsmith

For instance, all four of the tracks from their debut EP, 2021’s “Are You Alright?”, managed to chart. Three of these songs even appeared on the UK Singles Chart proper.

“Perfume” is derived from Lovejoy’s second EP, “Pebble Brain”, which is seven tracks in total. The song was written by the individual members of the group. It was produced by their regular collaborator, Sam Coveney.


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