“It’s Not Over” by Daughtry

In “It’s Not Over”, the singer portrays himself as a person who can’t seem to get over a failed relationship and still wants to revive it. As is evident in the verses, the narrator is afraid to deal with the heartbreak thus is willing to put away his pride and plead to start over.

The message that runs throughout the lyrics is that the narrator, having felt heartbroken can no longer bear it and wants a second chance. He believes that this relationship was all he had, as such losing it is tantamount to losing his own sense of life. He emphasizes on his belief that this person is the only one for him and cannot lose the bond they had. Finally, he pleads with his former partner to start the relationship again because he is positive it is not over.

Facts about “It’s Not Over”

This was the maiden single of Daughtry’s distinguished musical career. The band released it in November of 2006 from their self-titled maiden album.

Four songwriters, including Chris Daughtry, wrote “It’s Not Over’. A. Young, M. Wilkerson and G. Wattenberg are the names of the other co-writers.

Daughtry enjoyed big success with this debut single of their career. For instance, it was one of 2007’s biggest selling singles.

This song made it into six Billboard charts, including the “Adult Top 40” and “Hot 100” charts where it reached No.1 and No.4 respectively. In New Zealand and Canada, it also enjoyed a top-10 ranking.

Daughtry received a total of 4 nominations at the 2008 edition of the Grammy Awards. Two of those nominations (including “Best Rock Song”) were for this song. It however, failed to win both nominations.

The “Best Rock Song” honors for that year went to Bruce Springsteen’s critically acclaimed “Radio Nowhere“.

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