“Jenny” by Eric Church

American history is full of songs that idealize a male protagonist hitting the road along the lady of his dreams. And this is one of those types of tunes, with the titular “Jenny” being the apple of Eric Church’s eye.

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Both Jenny and the singer come off as pretty average people, as in there not being much wording dedicated to detailing their characters. But we can still put together respective profiles based on clues contained therein. For instance, Jenny is apparently frustrated with being stuck in the ‘hood, so to speak. 

And the singer likewise perceives her as being an extraordinary person who doesn’t deserve such a fate. Or at least that’s what he’s telling her in his attempt to try to convince her to hit the road with him. He’s intending to head out west and wants her by his side. 

And he also appears pretty convinced that making such a move will be beneficial to the both of them, though such leanings read a lot like blind, youthful optimism.

Indeed what’s really going down, as in real reason he wants Jenny to accompany him, is simply because he loves her. 

And at the end of the day that’s what we’re actually dealing with here, a love song. And the vocalist’s affection for Jenny is manifest via his request for her to join him on what he is perceiving, at least at this juncture, as his life’s journey.

Lyrics for "Jenny"

Writing Credits

The artist himself (Eric Church) composed the song. He received no assistance in composing it. Actually it is just one of two songs (the other being “Heart on Fire”) on his “Heart & Soul” album that he holds sole writing credits to.

Release of “Jenny”

Eric Church (through EMI Nashville) released this song in April 2021. It is one of the tracks on his seventh studio album (“Heart & Soul”).

It was not one of the album’s singles and therefore came out on the same date with the album.


“Heart & Soul”

A 28-days trip away from Nashville produced one of Eric Church’s most esteemed albums. The songwriter and singer in a video posted on January 21, 2021, revealed to the public his plans to release his seventh studio album in April 2021.

Church has had commercial successes since the start of his career and continues to make headway. “Heart & Soul” was released as a triple album after a year-long effort of production and recording.

In addition to the announcements of the album’s release and the revelation of its title, Church opened up the album’s sales portal, allowing his fans to preorder the mix of the album on January 29th, 2021. The relationship between Church and his fans afforded him the luxury of doing so.

The album consists of a total of 24 tracks spanning about 85 minutes and 47 seconds. The actual songwriting took place within a period of 28 days.

Producer Jay Joyce and Eric brought in a team of at least 16 songwriters to write and record the songs in North Carolina. Charlie Worsham, Billy Justineu, Moose Brown, Kenny Vaughn, Rob McNally, and Billy Sutton are credited with contributing to the songs included on the album.

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