Jon Bellion’s “Crop Circles” Lyrics Meaning

Stripped down to its most-basic element, “Crop Circles” is a song in which the singer, Jon Bellion, is lamenting over the dissolution of a romance he is engaged in. Throughout the song, he uses a lot of colorful language and time-based metaphors to get this point across.

Apparently his relationship with this particular person is still ongoing, though the joy and bliss that once highlighted it are now things of the past. And instead those pleasures have been replaced with constant fighting.

To illustrate this point, Bellion uses the analogy of the titular “crop circles”. This is used to symbolize “footprints in the carpet” which are representative of days past when they “used to dance around the apartment”. But as aforementioned, there is not any dancing going on in the present.

So in conclusion, through this track, Bellion is addressing his romantic partner. And he is trying to remind her of happier days in their relationship while at the same time being unable to pinpoint exactly what caused it to go south.

Lyrics of "Crop Circles"

Release Date

Capitol Records and Visionary Music Group officially dropped “Crop Circles”, as a standalone single, on 31 May 2019. But Jon Bellion had been teasing its release for a couple of days prior.

Composing and Writing Credits of “Crop Circles”

Jon Bellion wrote and produced this song but had assistance on both fronts. The other co-writers are as follows:

  • Jon Wienner
  • Mark Williams
  • Raul Cubina
  • Sam Homaee

And production credits also go out to Ojivolta and The Roommates.

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