Jon Bellion’s “Stupid Deep” Meaning

“Stupid Deep” is a track in which Jon Bellion questions the validity of aspirations that have defined his life. In other words, he ponders if some of the things he has searched for have been in vain not only because he may have already possessed what he sought but also due the fact that what he actually requires, which is love, is relatively easy to find.       

For instance, he may have spent his past energies trying to fashion himself into someone who he already is. He may have also toiled to clear a path which in reality was never concealed. Moreover, he may have been in search of a destination which in actuality he had already arrived at. Additionally, he has decided to make his life about the pursuit of money, even though at the end of the day, that is not what he truly needs. And in contrast, what he does actually require is very inexpensive.

Stupid Deep lyrics

His ultimate conclusion is something to the effect of in actuality these quests were never truly about self-discovery, having a purpose in life or even reaching a specific goal per se. Rather they were his ‘attempt to earn love’. He has had a strong emotional longing due to there being a void in his heart which he describes as “stupid deep”. “Stupid”, as a colloquial term, means something to the effect of great or plenteous. Thus Jon is expressing that he is in great need of affection, and many of the ambitions which highlighted his life’s pursuits, despite appearing otherwise, were actually based on fulfilling this need.

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