Kanye West’s “Wash Us in the Blood” Lyrics Meaning

As you have probably deduced from its title, “Wash Us in the Blood” is based on a religious theme, with Kanye transforming into more of a gospel artist as of 2019. As such, the titular “blood” mentioned in the title is actually a reference to the blood of Jesus, which is a popular concept in Christianity.

There is no universally-accepted interpretation of this concept. In other words, it can mean different things to different people. And here Kanye is utilizing it more along the lines of said blood representing righteousness. It can also be said to be representative of some kind of historical reset, as being ‘washed in the blood’ while wipe away the negative past of the individuals who partake of this experience. And said individuals, as put forth by Yeezus, would basically be his people, i.e. fellow African-Americans.

Song’s Central Theme

So in combining all of these concepts, we get this. Kanye West is entreating a Higher Power to directly intervene on behalf of his people. And the way the rapper idealizes the situation is that in doing so, not only will they become less inclined to engage in criminal activity. But also certain unfavorable aspects of their past and present, such as respectively being the victims of slavery and unfair law enforcement practices, will also be erased. And throughout it all he perceives himself as somewhat of a hero for bringing this message forth. That is to say that he has been encouraged, on a professional level, to shy away from dropping such content. However, he exclaims that he is more interested in keeping it real with himself than succumbing to the will of music execs.

“Wash us in the blood of Jesus”

Facts about “Wash Us in the Blood”

Fans of Kanye have been aware of this song since November of 2019. That’s when he premiered it as part of an opera he came out with called “Nebuchadnezzar”.

G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam Records officially released the tune on 30 June 2020. It serves as the lead single from West’s “God’s Country” album.

The producers of “Wash Us in the Blood” include Kanye West and the following:

  • Ronny J
  • Boogz & FnZ
  • Dem Jointz
  • A.G.

And those same artists (with the exception of FnZ) also co-wrote the song alongside Travis Scott and the following:

  • Jahmal Gwin
  • Aaron Butts
  • Zac
  • Finatik

Also noteworthy is that hitmaker Dr. Dre handled the mixing of this track. And its music video was directed by music video director Arthur Jafa.

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